I am a Broker/Realtor with over 30+ years experience even before the cell phone and have participated in the journey of an ever expanding and changing industry. Even in this Hi Tech environment, the personal touch of caring and listening contributes to a successful transaction. I've participated in the joy, expectation, stress, fear or shall I say, the whole gamut of emotion in the process of choosing a home whether it be the first or the buying up experience. Selling a home requires another menu of experience from staging to marketing far and wide. Having sold new homes for 9 years in California I know the importance of staging. Having been through the array of the banking world, selling when interest rates were 18-21%, short sales and foreclosures just add to my portfolio. People have always felt comfortable working with me. Your needs are of paramount importance. I am professional, personable and approachable.


30+ years experience-Resale and New Home Sales-Diamond Club Award-President Club Award-BIA Awares (Builds Institute of America) VAMRES (VA & Military Real Estate Specialist)